We release brand new, results driven workouts every month. Crafted by our expert strength and conditioning coaches who will be there to guide and motivate you through every session!

Tribe Strong

Tribe Strong is our flagship RESISTANCE training program that gets you stronger, leaner and tighter. You will burn a monster amount of calories during and after class, completely transforming your body, leaving you feeling pumped and energised for the rest of the day.

In our Tribe Strong classes, you will work to true strength training principles, with set work periods and recoveries. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be standing around, you will be earning that recovery!

Our resistance programs are carefully planned and periodised; you will lift your way through super-sets, tri-sets, drop sets and much more to keep your heart rate ticking along and help you burn energy and fat while you strengthen, shape and condition your body.

Workout Types Include

Workout Types Include


Train like an athlete, look like an athlete! Feel the full force of POWER when you work together in small groups through fast paced tri-sets mixing both strength and speed.


Partner up and super-set your way through an intense full body strength workout. You will hit the “biggest bang for your buck” exercises to start with, then finish off with a killer team weighted circuit which will mean you burn some serious calories during class, after class and even in your sleep.


The timer is set and you have plenty of it but don’t be fooled as this workout will catch up with you. Here is where you put all your hard work during the week to the test in the 60-minute Tribe Strong Ultimate class. We set you the workout but it’s up to you how you get it done.

Plus Many More!

We are constantly adding more workouts types based on member feedback. You will never get bored or have your progress stagnate with Tribe41!

Tribe FIIT

Tribe FIIT is hard and fast HIIT that will challenge you, improve fitness, burn big calories (during and after the workout) and help get you leaner.

Our HIIT workouts are fast, furious & fun! You will use your body-weight to leap, jump, squat, push, pull along with functional equipment in a group training atmosphere to take your fitness further. You’ll leave feeling proud of the work you’ve put in and motivated to keep going and strive for more.

Workout Types Include

Workout Types Include


Take a deep breath, grab a buddy and hold on tight as 16 continuous stations awaits! Welcome to the ultimate high intensity workout where you test your limits. Run, jump, skip, squat, sled your way through sweaty fast paced cardio super-sets and watch the calories burn.


Change creates results so let’s shift gears and race the clock. Longer cardio intervals to start and shorter, sharp, more intense intervals for your final round. This will shock your body to strip!


Pushed for time and want to squeeze a workout in? Smash out a 30 minute HIIT class and Torch up 500 calories. Get in, get out and get it done

Plus Many More!

We are constantly adding more workouts types based on member feedback. You will never get bored or have your progress stagnate with Tribe41!

Tribe Total

Tribe Total our athletic workout that is a combination of resistance training and fast and hard cardio that strengthens your body, improves your fitness and helps you get lean.

The strength portion of the class is up first and this will target your muscles making you stronger, the cardio or HIIT portion follows and targets your heart and lungs to make you fitter. Combining the two together and will get you strong, fit & lean. You burn through the calories in this class by lifting heavy, which will then help you burn more fat in the cardio portion.

You’ll finish this class with a sweaty body, a smile on your face & a massive sense of accomplishment. Remember, it’s not how long you work for, it’s how hard you work in the time you’ve got.

Workout Types Include

Workout Types Include


8 longer work stations with short breaks that will BURN all over! You have 2 challenging back to back lifts followed by heart kicker cardio intervals.


Time to build up your endurance with some conditioning work. This doesn’t mean you reduce your weights. You keep the big lifts heavy where you need to and we wind up the volume in the other stations.


No rest for the wicked! You’ll need to work your way up for this on. Strap on your heart rate monitor as this 60-minute monster will take your heart rate off the charts. Burn over 1000 calories in single session and watch your body transform.

Plus Many More!

We are constantly adding more workouts types based on member feedback. You will never get bored or have your progress stagnate with Tribe41!



Women working out at home using tribe on-demand


At-home or on-the-go, wherever and whenever you want. Tribe41 On-Demand brings you a variety of on-demand classes at your fingertips.

Get your workouts in whenever and wherever it works for you, with Boot camps, HIIT Training, Kickboxing, Barre, Strength & Conditioning and so much more right in your living room!

Tribe Restore

Tribe Restore includes Yoga inspired mind-body classes and our infrared saunas.

Tribe Yoga will restore, lengthen, stretch and mobilise you.  It is a way to exercise our bodies, our breath, and our minds all at the same time. And our saunas aid in muscle relief, weight loss, better sleep, relief from joint pain, improved circulation and so much more!

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