Keeping on Track Over the Festive Season

With the ‘season to be jolly’ around the corner, it is a time to be merry, spend with friends and family and join in on the festivities. For those who are conscious of putting on the pounds with all the celebrations commencing, this time will test even those with the greatest of will power.Here are some tips to help keep yourself on track before, during, and after the party season.Most importantly make sure you enjoy time off with your nearest and dearest!

Party Pump!

It’s always a good idea if you are going to be going to a gathering, for your own peace of mind, have a good training session prior to going to the party. This is ideally earlier in the day.

Psychologically this is a good tool to have the mindset ‘I’ve earned it’. Physically, you will be fat burning for anywhere up to 24 hours after your training session, so it’s a good time to let your hair down and enjoy.

All The Food

If you’re concerned you’ll overeat at a party or gathering, have a proper clean meal before you go. This sort of ties in with the advice ‘never go food shopping on an empty stomach’.

If you’re hungry your eyes will be bigger than your stomach and you will be more than likely to consume over and above what you intended to, and also more of the wrong type of food on offer (the junk). Eating a good meal before you go will satisfy you, stabilise your blood sugar levels, and allow you to pick and choose what you wish to eat and when you want to. You’ll still be joining in, just not overdoing it.


Keep your training consistent throughout the festive season. It’s easy to taper off the training while there is so much going on. Get your diary out and diarise your training sessions like it’s an appointment for yourself. Commit yourself to training on certain days at certain times and stick to it, you’ll find that you can maintain all of your hard work and results much more easily this way.

Alcohol Consumption

Worried there will be too much of this?

Let’s face it, the alcohol is free flowing at this time of year. How do we stop ourselves from overindulging? A great tip is to have a water or mineral water in between alcoholic beverages.

For example: one wine, one water, one wine, one water etc. The upside will be that you won’t become as intoxicated and will remember what happened the night before as well- WINNING!

Keep a Food Diary

If you’re not already doing this, we recommend it. This is a superb way to hold yourself accountable throughout the weeks and months.

The idea is that you track everything that you are consuming. Some people use it for macro tracking, others use it for training purposes, and others just do this for their own curiosity.

Write down everything that passes your lips, how much water you drink, hot and cold beverages, sugar, alcohol, dressings, food and snacks. You will be surprised as to how many ‘extras’ are consumed without realising it.

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